5 Reasons to Choose Us

Why Our Limousine Company Is the One for You

In our first blog article, we would like to share what the five qualities are that have made Limousine Lifestyle one of the preferred transportation companies in the California area. This way, you will have even more reasons to choose us. (more…)

Things to Do on Your San Mateo Party Trip

Our Limousine Service Team Knows All the Top Party Locations in the Area

Although Limousine Lifestyle is known for being more family-friendly and kid-friendly, there are also plenty of places where you can have fun. Today, our limousine service team will talk about those places where adults and young people can have fun when they are celebrating a special occasion. Here are our top suggestions: (more…)

The Benefits of Riding in a Properly Licensed Limousine

Make sure you’re getting the right limo service

The first thing that you need to do when booking a limo is asking the vendor if they are a member of the Better Business Bureau. If they are, then check their record with the BBB and make sure that they don’t have any unresolved complaints. If they are not a member, then you may want to look for another local limo service provider. (more…)

The Secret to Finding a Reliable Local Limo Service Provider

How to Find a Limo Transportation Service to Match Your Exquisite Taste

Riding in a limo, no matter the occasion, is always a special event! After all, this luxurious means of transportation inspires people with its sleek design and many amenities. But how do you find a limousine company that can provide you with the limo transportation service that you need? Limousine Lifestyle has prepared a few interesting tips that will help you with your search. (more…)

What Are Limousine Buses Used For?

Different Types of Vehicles Available at a Limos Rental Service

Limos rental service buses are also called party buses. There are different sizes used to accommodate small to large groups. The interiors of a limo bus are luxurious and have the same amenities that a normal limousine would. (more…)

Need a Limo for a Special Occasion?

What Is a Limo Transport Service?

A limo transport service provides the customer with a limousine and a driver. The vehicle is rented by the hour, and the price depends on the type of limousine, fuel, and any extras the customer wants. A limo transport service is advertised as a safe way to transport young people to prom or fun ways to travel to and from weddings, parties, or sporting events. The limousine comes with features like televisions, DVD players, and tinted windows. (more…)