Transportation Service

Ensuring your company employees move when and where they need to, when away from home, can be the difference between doing business and missing an opportunity.

Corporate Transportation services can also be arranged. This makes it easy to organize transport on the spot, and to efficiently manage your company spend, with detailed online reports at the click of your mouse. You can create customized groups with different travel privileges for each employees, to give you greater control.

Corporate Limousine Packages

Sedan ServiceIts also possible to combine your Limousine Services in a package, this is probably the best choice when transporting a large group of people, where you can make substantial savings.

Packages usually provide for a set number of hours, in a vehicle that best fits your group size and event, all at a fixed all inclusive price. Also don’t be afraid to try and negotiate a special deal for these types of bookings.

If you do choose to pay by the hour be aware there may be some surcharges on top of the base rate, so be sure to compare apples for apples.

Plan ahead

To ensure you get the vehicle of your choice, it is advisable to book a few weeks in advance, especially if you are booking for large groups. Also Winter and Spring time is usually the busiest time for the larger vehicles with convention and conference activity.

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